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“After so many decades of practice, it would be too unexpected to eliminate in one fell swoop the possibility of abortion in Cuba,” says specialist Ailynn Torres Santana in an article published in the digital magazine OnCuba. “But there could be other formats. For example, restrictions to interrupt pregnancies, or decrease in the availability of procedures (it has happened before, although for localized periods of time and in specific territories).”

Regarding the availability of contraceptive methods and how to acquire them in Siboney, Dr. Navarro explains that “now in the pharmacy there are contraceptive injections, emergency tablets; in the clinics there are IUDs [intrauterine devices], but this requires a family planning consultation. The IUD, for example, is very aggressive for adolescents. For them, hormonal contraceptives and tablets are better. There is also the “implant” [subdermal contraceptive], which simulates pregnancy, so the patient does not get pregnant. Mesigyna, Copper T and Multiload are now available [in family doctor’s offices]”.

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A new 2022 Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP Report) by the US government analyzed Colombia’s progress related to this crime. Although it recognized that the country “fully complies with the minimum standards for the elimination” of trafficking, it stated that convictions and cases of official complicity are still a cause for concern.(Read also: Joe Biden could declare a climate emergency in the US this week).

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He said that “proactive victim identification efforts were generally insufficient, particularly among migrants, and services for forced labor and adult victims were inadequate”. It added that “the government made no efforts to criminally investigate, prosecute and convict cases of forced labor, resulting in impunity for labor traffickers and leaving unidentified victims in critical sectors unprotected”.

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Macri, his followers and related media in line with Washington continue to maintain that there is no coup d’état in Bolivia, an attitude that was rejected by the demonstrators in the communiqué they read, signed by social, political and humanitarian organizations and Bolivians and Chileans residing in Buenos Aires.

In that meeting Camacho asked for asylum to the Argentine consulate in case of an eventual failure of what he called “civil insubordination”, but this could only be decided by the Embassy in its headquarters in the capital of Bolivia. Camacho assured them that 48 hours later the Armed Forces were going to enter the government house, which was communicated to the Argentine Foreign Ministry at that time.

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Slowly, information is beginning to emerge that increasingly complicates the Macri government, the governors of the northwest, the Argentine military and the presence of advisors from the Southern Command on the Argentine border with Bolivia, as well as the possibility that weapons, equipment and special forces from the United States have entered through the borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

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She has gone from being the bad girl in the fairy tale to the queen consort of Charles III, now proclaimed king of the United Kingdom. Funny, a lover of horses and gardening and close to her ex-husband, we talk to those who know her best.VERA BERCOVITZ

to stand in the way of Charles and Diana’s marriage to the throne. That is why, from Buckingham Palace wanted to tackle any speculation: when he became king, she would be

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laughing fit during a traditional performance of the Inuit natives in 2017, in Canada (which also went viral); either when a giant bumblebee landed on her husband’s crotch during a tour of New Zealand in 2015, and made Camilla

ashes spread across India, her adopted country, in a tuk-tuk caravan, led by her daughter Ayesha, that traveled 500 kilometers. Camilla, who was unable to attend because she was on a tour of Australia with her husband, freaked out, “Couldn’t you have gone by car?”

Laura, so discreet that the British press has dubbed her the ghost daughter), and Camilla finally settled into the life she had always longed for: “Neither university studies nor a serious job were in her plans. She wanted to be a

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