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Cyberpunk 2022

Nintendo Switch is one of the most versatile consoles of the moment, having in its catalog all kinds of gadgets and accessories that take the gaming experience to a new level. And among these, undoubtedly stand out titles and sports add-ons or for playing in groups: Switch Sports, Mario Party, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, Ring Fit Adventure and many more.

And speaking of Ring Fit Adventure, we can now take its natural successor while saving thanks to the offer that stars on Amazon. We refer to Let’s Get Fit, whose price has just fallen to its historic low: 28.04 euros in that store. Not bad if we take into account its recent launch and the countless hours of entertainment and exercise that this title offers us.

With Let’s Get Fit, we can also create our own routines and training plans. With goals to beat and the ability to see our progress daily. To which we must add the continuous unlocking of achievements and trophies that will keep us motivated. All this, registered through the Joy-Con of our Switch and the straps that are included in this bundle of the game.

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Juego de rol Cyberpunk 2077

Consolas retro, máquinas recreativas y demás hardware de juego con títulos míticos como protagonistas están viviendo su segunda juventud. Y en el mercado encontramos un amplio catálogo de dispositivos con los que rememorar tiempos pasados. Las miniconsolas son una gran opción de compra. Entre ellas, las Nintendo Game & Watch son de las más valoradas. Y ahora podemos volver a los Super Mario Bros. a un precio de derribo.

La consola Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch vuelve a tener uno de sus precios más bajos en El Corte Inglés, y podemos hacernos con ella por sólo 29,90 euros en dicha tienda. Así que si valoramos añadirla a nuestra colección de juegos o hacer un regalo súper especial, en esta mini consola retro tenemos ahora una excelente opción.

Pocas presentaciones hacen falta a estas alturas de las consolas Game & Watch en general y de Super Mario Bros, en particular. Las Game & Watch son uno de los mayores éxitos de la historia de Nintendo, ahí es nada. Y la saga Super Mario Bros. nos ha dado algunos de los mejores juegos de la historia de la industria. Y lo sigue haciendo gracias a su catálogo en Nintendo Switch.

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Cyberpunk 2077 storyline

During the 2019 E3 event, the official release date of the video game was declared, and it was also revealed that actor Keanu Reeves would be part of the cast of characters that would have relevance in the course of the video game. This information was presented by the actor himself at the presentation of the videogame at the E3 event, being the host of the videogame event. An expansion, Phantom Liberty, will be released in 2023 for PC and next-generation consoles. A sequel to the video game is currently in development.

The game begins with the selection of one of three life paths for V’s past (Gavin Drea or Cherami Leigh): Nomad, Street Boy or Corpo. In the first life paths, V befriends local thug Jackie Welles (Jason Hightower), while in the third, Welles is an old friend.

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All three of life’s paths converge in the same title sequence, a montage of V and Welles’ various adventures with a netrunner, T-Bug. V stayed with Welles for six months, doing mercenary work together while improving his street cred. Eventually, V managed to save enough money to rent an apartment of his own in the H10 mega-building.

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